AMC Trust is a non government, non political, non profit, and non sectarian registered public charity trust engaged in serving mankind in respect of education, health and other social needs.

Established on 23rd March, 2005 by two brothers Mr. Khalid Chaudhry and Mr. Zahid Chaudhry, the sons of Mr. Ali Muhammad Chaudhry , who dedicated the Trust to their father and named it after him as a tribute to his philanthropy. Although the family are UK based, the Trust is not limiting its charitable work in the UK but also extends it to other parts of the world , especially Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Africa and Kenya.




Kamran Chaudhry, Zahid Chaudhry,
Ali Muhammad Chaudhry, Khalid Chaudhry,
Kamal Chaudhry

Mr.Khalid Chaudhry with Dr. Zakir Naik
Mr. and Mrs. Khalid Chaudhry in the
opening ceremony of Neesa Dorm in Kenya
Mr. Khalid Chaudhry, Tariq Chaudhry
(secretary of Edmonton Mosque), and Hafiz
Muhammad Mushfique Uddin (CEO of Ebrahim
College) and Maulana Azizul Haque( Founder of
Azizia Charitable Trust) with the staff of Azizia
Islamia Madrassa, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Mr. Khalid Chaudhry with his son Kamal
and nephew Kamran Chaudhry and the
staff of Dar-ul-uloom Pretoria, South Africa
Mr. Khalid Chaudhry in Institute of Islamic
Sciences, Islamabad with M'lana Faiz-ur-Rehman Usmani (principal of the same institute), Bashir
Sajjad and M'lana Mehboob Elahi
Group photo with staff of AMC Trust, Pakistan Maj. Javed and M'lana Jahangir Mahmud
on class decoration contest of kps
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